film summary

“Mark Twain’s Journey to Jerusalem: Dreamland” is a documentary, narrated by Martin Sheen, that is based on Twain’s best-selling book, Innocents Abroad.

2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Mark Twain’s journey to Europe and the Holy Land. Filmed in Israel, “Mark Twain's Journey to Jerusalem: Dreamland” retraces Twain’s footsteps using actual details from his letters and journals. The film tells a little-known story of Mark Twain as a young reporter, embarking on a maiden voyage over the Atlantic and across the Holy Land.  His final destination – the ancient city of Jerusalem. Twain’s experiences and insights from this trip later shaped him as a quintessential American writer.

In this documentary, you’ll see the only film of Mark Twain, the first footage ever shot of Jerusalem, as well as letters that have never been seen before.